Multi-fuel options

  • Gasoline generator set with multiple gas priority

  • a. Only need to connect the LPG tank in your home kitchen as a gas source.
    b. You only need to connect the natural gas line in your home as a gas source.
    c. Gasoline can also be used as another source of fuel.

Gas safety

  • When you stop the machine and forget to turn off the gas regulator GRETECH’s patent technology mixer can cut off the gas very precisely.
    Never need worry about gas leakage.

Fuel selection

  • a.A 5KW generator set runs 200 hours: it costs gasoline USD846.38; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) USD417.39; natural gas USD211.59 (LPG cost savings USD428.99, natural gas cost savings USD634.78).
    According to: gasoline USD1.13 / L; LPG USD1.16/ KG; natural gas USD0.72 / m3
    Relative to the cost of gasoline : the cost of LPG only accounts for 50%, and the cost of natural gas only accounts for 25%.
    b. Economically, running cost rank (from cheapest to the highest): 1,natural gas, 2, LPG, 3, gasoline.
    c. If connected to the pipeline gas: Generator set can run for a long time, no need to refuel gasoline.


  • Power: The output power under LPG is same as gasoline, and the output power under natural gas is 90% of gasoline.
    Startup: LPG and natural gas are the same as gasoline.
    Working-Life: Poor combustion of gasoline and dilution with engine oil, resulting in burning carbon deposits and deterioration of lubrication conditions; Gas fuel does not have this problem, maintenance costs are less and gas generator working life is increased by 25%.
    Emissions: When using gas fuels, low harmful emissions , smokeless and odorless, benefit to environmental protection.

Easy to operate

  • a. Different gas sources use the same generator set.
    b. Only need to change the position of the fuel source switch.

A number of national invention patents and practical patents

  • a. With fully automaticlly adjustment design, it will automatically adjusts the air supply volume under different loads to minimize the consumption of gasoline or gas very precisely.
    b. Own precise structure design of the mixer has his inside space small while suitable for wide range of gas source pressure (2.0~6.0kPa).

  • c. Reverse-closed design of switch diaphragm : Only supply fuel gas during engine working. Gas leakage controlled effectively.

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