• Zhejiang Gretech Power Machinery Co., Ltd has been dedicated in producing gas /gas-gasoline/ gasoline engines and generators for the past 20 years. With its continuously perfected technology and tremendous attention to details, Gretech is able to run various engine products using different fuel sources in one machine.

  • Among different fuels, natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which are our specialty, are at a lower cost compared to the gasoline products, with the same performance.

  • During past few years, Gretech has been actively advocating for environmental-friendly products. Natural gas, especially LPG, emit as much as 30% less Carbon Monoxide and 20% Hydrocarbon compared to gasoline (see reference). More importantly, we increased the efficiency of energy transformation, so that the same amount of LPG and natural gas generate higher power. Thus, our products are able to maintain the performance, while producing dramatically fewer toxic components and costing much less than gasoline.

  • As the pioneer of this industry, we have our own patents, CE certification, and ISO 9001 certification, all of which can be found under the Certificates tab. Patents and certifications demonstrate our products’ superior quality, but more importantly, what they do not show is our value on ensuring we are best serving our customers.

  • The challenge many of our customers faced was language barriers, especially in technical fields. No worries, we have fluent English-speaking experts who have been specializing in international trades for over 20 years. Through constant communications, these experts maximize efficiency by keeping both our customers and technicians well-informed, thus providing quality customer service.

  • Gretech values the importance of innovations and growth; thus, we invest constant effort and money in developing more functions and technology of our machines. Besides selling products, we strive to learn from each of the customer, with the hope that we can provide more than just the products, but also satisfactory experience for our customers.

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