• CE certificate(generator MA LV EC)
  • CE certificate(generator Noise)
  • CE certificate (engine MA LV EC)
  • CE certificate (engine Noise)
  • A kind of Throttle synchronization adjustment mechanism
  • A Cooling Air Conducting Device for Cabinet
  • Utility model patent--A kind of Muffler
  • Utility model patent certificate--A kind of Valve fixing plate
  • A kind of throttle assembly
  • A kind of throttle assembly positioning plate
  • A Conversion Mechanism of Gas Valve
  • A Kind of General Genset
  • A Kind of Intake Baffle Device for Generator Set
  • A Tyre Brake Device for General Generator Set
  • Reverse sealing switch diaphragm assembly for gas valve
  • Invention Patent---Gas Valve Matched with Fuel
  • QMS Certificate ISO 9001-2005 CN
  • QMS Certificate ISO 9001-2015 EN
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